If you're hanging heavy pictures, mirrors, or shelves, you have to understand where your wall studs really are --and also the best tool we discovered for the job is the C.H. Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder. After 30 hours of research and testing against five additional magnetic stud finders, we found the C.H. Hanson to be dependable, durable, and precise, and because it does not need batteries or any kind of calibration. While the other magnetic stud finders within our evaluation group have only 1 magnet, the C.H. Hanson has 2, that doubles the scanning area and reduces the time it takes to get a hit. It is also the priciest model we looked in, by far--from what we could tell, dividing it could take some effort.

C.H. Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder
The C.H. Hanson 03040 Magnetic Stud Finder comprises a small amount which it is possible to rotate either vertically or horizontally depending on the orientation of this instrument, a feature which helps with finding the stud in add…
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